" the world is a village"


Tractors had a great attraction to me in my childhood. I used to live surrounded by farmers who traded in their horses for tractors to work the land with several agricultural implements, harvest the crops and transport materials.


To millions of people potatoes are an important source of food. However potatoes can be culinary ingredients of our daily dishes to many of us they are essential first.. What is your connection to potatoes ?


Merories are affected by many factors. The ways by which information is encoded, stored, and retrieved have been corrupted by age, country, health, and many more. Are these your memories too ?


In your own world there for sure is a wide range of creating visual, auditory or performing artworks available. All kind of artifacts are appreciated for their beauty or emotional power.


Exploring some nice places at pre-Covid-19 times. Each link will show treasures or websites. It's a digital memory which takes time to prepare.
"The world is a village".



What makes someone a person to be remembered ? Is it someone who gives of himself for the greater good of others ? Like Frank Dell who put his own life at great risk. Or like Yuri Gagarin ... Alice Herz-Sommer ... Malala ...


Music is an art form and a great cultural activity, whose medium is sound. Music in our opinion is an inspiration for daily life, a perfect medium to comfort the soul too. Enjoy the collection, from the classics to the 'beyond' sounds ! As you will discover: some artists will be paid an extra attention to by this website.



A collection of some pictures as performed at this website. All pictures have been made by smartphones only.



Some homes seem to have been vanished. Some villages disappeared for economic gain or any disaster.



The color blue is one of trust, responsibility, honesty and loyalty. It is sincere, reserved and quiet, and doesn't like to make a fuss or draw attention. Blue hates confrontation.


MOVIES to keep / FILMS om te bewaren

So many events and thoughts were presented by movies, commercials, reports from journalists. Our common memory by movies is presented at this page.



Be-yond-ness ... farther than ... with an urgent character ...outside the understanding, reach, limits or past ... more than ... in excess off, over-and-above ... more.


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