why tractors ?


Long ago my belated bros and I created one of world’s largest websites on farming. A restart now as my brother said “we do admire all the farmers in the world, cos ‘no farmers, no food !’" So this is a special thanks to all those farmers who in case of an emergency do / did an extra effort to produce healthy food at a reasonable price. Pls read the 'COOKIES-pdf' at the bottom of this page.



By exploring the Internet once in a while there are beautiful discoveries on tractors to be found. Farmers and companies which create sustainable solutions, sometimes stupid ones, sometimes great out of the blue. W’ll give them a platform to bring in the best tools and machinery for a sustainable farming. Let’s give it a try … find out what we discovered pls.

our own movies

Over a long time we once in a while we visit(ed) farmland and the farmers. As we are no professional moviemakers, and as the tools in the years '90 weren't that sophisticated as today you sometimes will see deficits, a bit disturbing 'extra' sounds. But it's too beautiful to not mention these movies.

Massey-Ferguson 1200

other collections

Over the past decades we had a very fine cooperation with some fine collectors of information related to tractors. The links to these friends are to be found at an extra page at this website. Maybe you want to be at that page as well: be welcome ! Send your link to bluepotatoes-nl@outlook.com pls.


We reduced the number of displayed tractors from about 285+ to 36 only ... still 1,250+ in stock

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