Marieke has been working on various interior projects and photography assignments. In addition she has developed a passion for education. From 2006 to 2014, Marieke worked in Rotterdam as a teacher of Interior Design.

Since 2013 she has been involved in the development of the Associate Degree Entrepreneurship (Creative Business) at the Rotterdam Academy and in teaching/coaching young entrepreneurs in training.

Very much aware of latest trends and developments in the field of design, art and the digitization of creative vocational education she has positioned herself very well by creating splendid designs, pictures, texts and illustrations.

"There is a difference in between looking and seeing".

marieke van der hoek - vijfvinkel



Instagram primarily is a visual platform which means it is absolutely perfect for us as it allows our imagery to show through in their purest forms. Words aren't even necessary, so there is nothing to take away from the work. Is it a kind of arts ? At least it is a reflection of what the eyes do see.

instagram by bluepoatatoes


Bram has spent all his life observing, but only since he turned forty, he has been translating this perceiving into painting. With oil paints, at first, then acrylics. Preferably, he works with large canvasses, involving physical labour in the process. Besides painting, he practices photography. A series of photographs often inspires him when creating a painting. Aspects of these images are rearranged in a composition.

The essence of a painting to me is the solidification of reality at the moment it surpasses itself. A painting thus prevents reality from fleeing.

bram van baalen


December 2019 we finally had the opportunity to meet Russian Ivan Hafizov who is on a mission of preserving the fabulous woodworking called nalichniki a craft which was used particularly to decorate window casings. However the exact reason for this tradition so far isn’t clear, window decorating may have started in pagan times and were designed to protect a home’s inhabitants from evil spirits.

Some of these items are endangered now for decades already. Ivan wants to pay attention to these beauties by camera.

ivan hafizov