het zat er aan te komen … de druk vanuit je werk om toch te reizen … je niet aflatende zorg voor je vader, 4 uren reistijd per dag inclusief … hoe nu verder ? … we wensen je sterkte en wijsheid, en een voorspoedig herstel … love to you !

it was coming… the pressure from your work to travel anyway… your relentless care for your father, 4 hours of travel time per day including… what next? ... we wish you strength and wisdom, and a speedy recovery ... love to you!

это приближалось ... давление с работы, чтобы все равно путешествовать ... твоя неустанная забота о твоем отце, 4 часа времени в пути, включая ... что дальше? ... желаем вам сил, мудрости и скорейшего выздоровления ... любви к вам!

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een niet te overzien verlies van mensenlevens ... 341,500+ doden meldt john hopkins vandaag ... wie of wat gaat ons redden ? ... kan deze muziek vandaag ons leed verzachten ? ... “loaw ut saamn doon dan kump et good, et nije normaal” ...

an incalculable loss of life ... 341,500+ deaths john hopkins reports today ... who or what is going to save us? ... can this music ease our suffering today? ...

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26 april 1986 / Tsjernobyl … 5 mei / hoeveel radioactieve spinazie kan een mens eten zonder schadelijk effect? niemand weet het … 6 mei / spinazie uit de handel want zowel jodium als cesium worden aangetroffen … 10 mei / er kan weer spinazie gegeten worden … 22 mei 2020 / vandaag is er spinazie uit eigen tuintje … Popeye ...

April 26th, 1986 / Chernobyl ... May 5th / how much radioactive spinach can a person eat without any harmful effect? nobody knows ... May 6th/ spinach from the market because both iodine and cesium are found ... May 10th / spinach can be eaten again ... May 22th 2020 / today there is spinach from own small garden ... Popeye ...

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“ Neet plat praotn’ … neet noar ‘t Walfort op zundag … neet noar ’t café … nog neet trouwn’ … gin bier drinkn’ … veur elluf uur thuus wên … haende bovven de dèkens … op een dag as vandage allenig met de fietse noar ’t Montferland, met stoete en sisi op de pakkiesdräger … joa joa ! “ . Totdat we een bromfiets hadden. Toen konden we ‘brommers kiekn’, ok op zundag. Normaal 45 joar.

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today is history... to be remembered ...

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Today Russia has the world's second-highest number of coronavirus cases but has registered 10 times fewer deaths than some western countries like the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain and Italy. As of Wednesday May 19th the country has close to 300,000 confirmed coronavirus infections and 2,837 deaths. Numbers which can't be correct. Information known by related local Muscovites: “ It’s not taking part in a lottery, it’s a Russian roulette whether you will be infected or not “ . Many Russians find comfort in the fact that they have overcome all crises so far, and in their personal faith by praying ... sretensky ...

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yes ! there is any new story ahead in the north of the Netherlands ... win-win ... t@keiteasy ... eny@ ...

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the world started the year 2020 so innocently ...

on Easter Sunday (April 12, 2020), by invitation of the City and of the Duomo cathedral of Milan, Italian global music icon Andrea Bocelli gave a solo performance representing a message of love, healing and hope to Italy and the world.

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and Spring didn't know ... SUSAN BLANCO.pdf

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when time catches up me ... do you still see me when i no longer see you ? ... can you still hear the music that is no longer there ? ... i no longer taste strawberries, do you ? ...

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This blog intends to reflect my thoughts on life, best and worst events included. Peter.

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