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Viktor Tsoi - Good Night

Evacuations from rigid regimes - floods – victims of covid-19 - overcrowded hospitals - crop failures - unfair elections - lost children – unfair people around … severe diseases ... let’s sleep, let’s dream, let’s have calming dreams …

“ Those who have got nothing to wait - they are hitting the road

Those who are saved, those who are saved...

And to those who are going to sleep - have calm dreams, a calm night ...

To those who' are going to sleep - have calm dreams, a calm night ... “ (Tsoi)

Viktor Tsoi is regarded as one of the pioneers of Russian rock and is known as one of the most influential and popular people in the history of Russian music.

more Viktor Choi / YouTube

2021 08 31


D'être libre

“Nous prendrons le temps de vivre, d’être libre. Nous ourrons rever notre vie, tout est possible, tout est permis".Moustaki

The Netherlands will carry out the last evacuation flights from Afghanistan later today. The United States has informed the Dutch that they must leave. The departure plan of the embassy team and the military has come into effect. They will leave with the last flights. Despite all the efforts of the past period, people who are eligible for evacuation to the Netherlands will remain behind. Small teams of soldiers from various countries remain in the region with rapidly deployable aircraft in case people can still be brought to safety.

"Many dreams of a life in freedom are over, not everything seems to be possible, a lot won’t be allowed".PD

MSN / News

Merkel / YouTube

Moustaki / YouTube

2021 08 26


Russian Railway Map

I was on a train to Moscow. Attended by my bike. I passed Berlin and took a picture of the remnants of the AGFA-Gevaert company. While looking for the Pzifer booster in Moscow I met my dad. He was on a bike there too. I found the person who I was searching for while she ate borch in a restaurant. There was a Polish version of Cohen’s Gipsy Wife to be heard in the streets.

At this very moment I woke up from my last night’s dream.

AGFA Berlin / Komoot

CYGANA / YouTube



The picture speaks for itself.

Before Boeing 747 had been introduced traveling by air over a long range was rather expensive. Maximum loads were at about 144 passengers, and by the Jumbojet is was possible to transport over 400 passengers in one haul.

This week 820+ Afghan men, women and children, crouch and cram against each other on the floor of a United States military plane as it leaves Kabul after the city was seized by the Taliban. A photograph showing the Afghan civilians – some clutching luggage, others bottle-feeding infants – on the C-17 Globemaster cargo aircraft on Sunday has gone viral on social media.

Boeing / CNN

Kabul / Reuters

C-17 Globemaster / WikiPedia



PASTA SAUCE in progress

The world is - in our opinion - in a moment of imploding. One terrible news follows the other in rapid tempo. Still a.o. many infections with COVID-19, with earthquakes and storms in Haiti, with an impossibly many people who want to flee from the city of Kabul, with previously unthinkable attacks on young people on the Dutch island of Schouwen-Duiveland, with 250+ families every week who depend on the food bank in our hometown, with impossibly long distances to medical help in one of the two villages/cities we live in, and with the loss of biodiversity. But we have courage! The Dutch neighbors brought a cartload of tomatoes. Tomorrow we will process that into pasta sauce for the winter to come.

Kabul / Wikipedia

Pasta Sauce / AH




As part of the former job there have been several meetings with students and teachers abroad, all of them contributing to an understanding of mutual cultures and enriching views on life. Today a story on Poland.

Torun, Bydgoszcz, Gdansk, but most of all the city of Naklo nad Notecia hit us by the ultimate friendly people and their hospitality. I remember the gift of Piotr at leaving: a box with freshly prepared bigos by his mom, to be consumed in the Netherlands. And what about a concert in Bydgoszcz where we learned the ‘white voices’ ?! But what about the enthusiasm by Polish students at singing / dancing on Konik na Biegunach ?! Oh yes, I could communicate with farmers south of Naklo, not by words, by hands and sign language only. In the eves: the meeting at Emilia, the piano to be remembered.

Let's go ! / YouTube

Konik / YouTube

Bigos / Recipes



Recently we acquired a Dutch 1980 copy of Faithful Ruslan. Set in a remote Siberian depot immediately following the demolition of one of the gulag’s notorious camps and the emancipation of its prisoners, The novel circulated in samizdat for more than a decade, The author was one of the promising young writers seen as representing new hope for Russian literature in the de-Stalinisation thaw of the 1950s and early 1960s. A starving stray, tortured and abandoned by the godlike “Master” whom he has unconditionally loved, Ruslan and his cadre of fellow guard dogs stay dutiful. Cruelty all around, but a dog can’t be aware of that and Ruslan stays a faithful dog. A story by Vladimov which sticks to a certain period.

Ruslan / YouTube




"It was not a scientific evaluation.

Just something that arose over a cup of coffee.

It went something like this:

You start off irresistible
And, then you become resistible
And then you become transparent
Not exactly invisible, but as if you are seen through old plastic
And then you actually do become invisible
And then, and this is the most amazing transformation you become repulsive
But that’s not, that’s not the end of the story
After repulsive, you become a cute
And that’s where I am."

Leonard Cohen / Sydney 2013




Inspiration is a kind of energy. Inspiration often brings creativity and can spark the drive we’ll need to get through. W’ve been inspired by the courage of Dutch/Russian grandparents, the persistence of cosmonaut Gagarin, the many blessings in times of solitude by Cohen besides his friendship, the endurance of Dell besides his friendship, the walking around his garden a hundred times by Tom, the power and music of Herz-Sommer, the sunrays at opening the blinds and many more. W’re grateful for that.




Russian hot water service

Water is the main constituent of Earth's hydrosphere and the fluids of all known living organisms.. It is vital for all known forms of life.

In what is know as the 'Western world' the providing of clean water by tap is nothing to worry about. But in many many countries there is existing a war on water supplies due to lack of any source, or because of the contamination of water. Desalination of water from the sea is an opportunity, but expensive. Climate change with a progress in the number of dry periods in a lot of areas is a real challenge.

But did you know about the temporarilyshut off hot water service to residences for a week or two/three during the summer months in Russia ?



TVER - dacha

The doubt about selling mom's dacha in Tver area ... the doubt on giving up her farmland ... the swimming in river Wolga ... the collecting herbs, berries and mushrooms ... the indepence ... Age demands an impossible answer ... But it is an impossible hard decision still ... The dacha will be sold to 'good' people with an intention of preserving this fabulous spot and house. Meanwhile our mom is a hero !


2021 07-30


In the meantime, we are almost five months further from an earlier report in April 2021. Health and other difficult developments caused a delay in reporting.

Yes, we hold on, according to the credo of PD-sr. But it was damn difficult in a world where contacts were reduced to the minimum. By now, COVID-19 could certainly be called COVID-21.

In a former periode of my life, as a teacher of Geography, the motto was "the world is a village" referring to the fact that everything and everyone is close by, that there are no borders anymore thanks to affordable flight connections and the Internet. But COVID-19 put an end to that: closed borders, 'red countries' on the map, quarantine measures, insufficient amount of vaccinated people. Only the Internet was an opportunity to be in touch, and WhatsApp and similar social media. Distrust between the nations. Distrust of vaccine yields. The world no longer is a real village. It seems to be a point of no return. The world mid 2021 no longer is a village.

The Guardian /YouTube




The NEWS says that we:

never get rid of COVID-19 and related mutants again

are hardly able to change the climate in a positive way

will never be able to easily meet each other over long distances again

must continue to limit our physical contacts for a long time

The close EXPERIENCES teach us that:

indescribably cruel diseases strike in the immediate vicinity

many saw their future lost due to the financial consequences of COVID-19 and related mutants

relationships are put to the test due to a lack of opportunities for contact

the flowers remain growing as usual

Inner HOPE says that we:

must keep courage

must use our smartphones and computers to keep in touch

may learn from past generations which survived many disasters

may hope for LIGHT getting in again

POWER / YouTube

LIGHT / YouTube





Do you remember your first use of a computer?

The computer arose from the need to solve a number of calculation problems. By 1880, it took in the US more than seven years to prepare election results, so a faster way was needed to get this job done. In the elections in 2020, the job was done in a few days, with the help of computers.

The first computer took up an entire room. Today we have smartphones with more computing power than the early computers. Your smartphone from 2021 contains more computing power than a computer from the year 2000.

I remember when I first used a computer, one of Apple's first machines with a floppy drive, to create schedules for teachers and students. There was no "cloud" yet. Consequently: a move of all equipment (heavy appliance + screen + keyboard) from / to home. Was there already the use of a "mouse"? Many "floppies" were present because the storage space was very limited.

Nowadays: Is there a life without a computer / laptop imaginable? How many days have you not used your laptop / smartphone in the past week? Are you addicted to the computing power of your smartphone? That's difficult, isn't it ?!

First computer / Youtube

Use of floppies / YouTube

First smartphone / YouTube




" Where you go there you are " (GB).

Men consider and decide. Every day we make a decision about the next steps in life. As long as you think you are independent, and not hindered by physical setbacks and / or negative socio-economic circumstances, it is wonderful to be able to make big and small decisions.

If, for whatever reason, things go against the grain, then “a few people living by the road mean more to the right direction than a compass” (Bauer).

Have you met those people living along your road ?


Bauer ( in German )

Bauer / Youtube



SPRING 2021 to come ?

Is it spring already? A week ago we were able to skate at -5C still … but now it suddenly seems like spring at + 16C ! We already saw traffic jams from cars in the direction of the Zeeland beaches! Ho ho, do these visitors have respect for "our" Cherry Beach *?

But we are not over the corona period yet. Is the worst yet to come ? Will we continue to respect curfew restrictions ? Don't we all want to be able to meet our loved ones and friends in a normal way again? There are still hundreds of people in the ICU units of our hospitals, and some patients are still cared for in a friendly neighboring country. There are so many people in need, so many people who buried their loved ones. There are so may people living in between hope and fear dor other reasons. It suits us to continue to be careful, right?

But still, we long for a spring in our life, for unbridled enjoyment, for free travel, for a life as it was intended. This will certainly succeed with due and continued caution! Us against the world !

Us against the world / YouTube

* Cherry Beach = beach at Brouwersdam where long ago we ate one kilo of cherries




Our dad's car is unconditionally bound to Route 66 … Why ? … From October 1992 on ( 66th birthday of dad ) our dad every of his birthdays has been provided with music on cassette tapes to be used while driving his majestic car. He preferred a.o. the Kelly Family / Paganini / Bruce Springsteen / Vivaldi … so we did … till October 17th 1997 … route 71 …



Kelly Family



ANIMALS - House of the Rising Sun

I barely had recovered from leaving my first courtship to a place far away in the north of the country… there was a holiday job in Apeldoorn… I there met "big cousin with a solid dating"… these more experienced teenagers already had LPs! … I saw and heard Simon & Garfunkel… the Sound of Silence

Yes, my father provided me with a pickup installation… why? … To bring me more into the world? He was a great fan of many kinds of music, about which more in any of the following blogs.

All guilders were raked together… and at Te Linde / Aalten (or was it Obbink, or maybe Rhebergen?) I got my first own LP… The Animals… House of the Rising Sun, of which 'For Miss Caulker' was the winner… fantastic… and we played many of the songs from this LP in a school band, maybe it was awful : =)

Wonderful memories, certainly!

Miss Caulker / YouTube



RED versus GREEN

To whom it concerns. Sometimes words come through WhatsApp without the real intention, and therefore not understood or even misunderstood. A cheerful shipment of crisps with apples and bananas are telling. The evening menu is not that difficult to come up with now. Thank you !

Apple song / YouTube

Croky Company NL

Chiquita Company



King Winter ruled the Netherlands and that was the perfect time for ice skating enthusiasts. These skating enthusiasts in Ouddorp must have thought that too !



Valentinka Master Russian

Despite the large amounts of snow in the streets, in the past week we have managed to create a mutual expression of Valentine's thought. Certainly in this special time, which is dominated by COVID-19 and related mutations, it is a particularly beautiful gesture with which attention for each other can be expressed. As if you can't do that every day, yet the opportunity was seized.

Valentine's Day coincides with the feast day of two Christian martyrs by the name of Valentinus. However, the customs associated with the day have nothing to do with the lives of these saints. Read more about the transition from the phrase "anonymous love" to "love" and its commercial exploitation here.

And yes, then there are some questions: "How many glasses of Chardonnay did this all cost?" and “do we still have money for Chardonnay, in summer? Can we still buy a kilo of cherries for our visit to Cherry Beach (Brouwersdam), in summer? “ No worries ! We are sparingly so that we can continue to taste the Chardonnay in next summers. And the motto “Never buy one kilo of cherries!” remains.

И сло́вно ма́ленькое чу́до,

Возни́кла ты в мое́й судьбе́.

С тобо́й себя́ я позабу́ду

И все, что есть, отда́м тебе́!

Valentine / UK Wikipedia

Valentine / RU Master




Do you remember the waiting for the postman handing over your love’s letter ? Do you remember the time that personal news came to you by a telegram ? Do you remember those occasionally short maritime messages from your husband by a UK coastal radio station ? Do you remember using French francs in a call box along the road in order to update your relatives upon your holidays by an Interrail Card ?

Could it have been more real than all the contact via WhatsApp and the like ?

Coastal radio stations / history

Coastal radio stations / YouTube



Toccata & Fugue / Bach

The covid-19 train rumbles on ... near and far, the strongest people eventually pass away when hit by this virus ...

In the meantime we have had to deal with a little snow. It provided fantastic pictures. It made us think how beautiful the nature around us is. But also: how fragile are we ?!

Being trapped because of covid-19, the demise of the people who matter, and a load of snow also meant that you were thrown back on yourself even more than before. Reflection. Who are your true friends? Who cared about you? Who have you supported yourself? “Spiegel im Spiegel” ...

Now we move on. The snow will disappear. The birds can continue without giving them extra food. Can you continue ?

Spivakov 07:00 - 14:00 Spiegel im Spiegel




Is it a bit cold in the Netherlands? Are we suddenly caught by some snow?

Everything is relative. Certainly when compared to other real suffering around us.

More text in a few days.

But still, take courage in all your decisions! Make a tasty stew of everything in your house, and experience satisfaction.

Stew for today



Russian winter

For a moment the corona troubles have faded into the background because the country is in turmoil, awaiting a load of snow and a little frost. Do we have enough food at home? Which trains and buses are still running? But in the meantime the sleds and snow shovels are also being prepared. And we look forward to beautiful snow-covered landscapes.

The thoughts go back to really cold and long winters, such as in the Netherlands in 1979. Were we prepared? Didn't we have newspapers under our clothes as insulation? Or extra - knitted - undergarments? In eastern Europe, the fur coat is still fully accepted because it is a necessity.

Meanwhile this week brave person was cycling home through the rain, with bad news only.

Winter 1979 NL / YouTube

Winter 1979 Russia / YouTube

Winter 1979 USA / YouTube




You have to be very brave to be above average in these times, especially in a country where being moderate is still the norm. "Just act normal, then you are crazy enough already".

About ten years ago, a prime minister said that we must leave the mentality of being moderate behind us and that we must once again get real toppers in education and in the economic sectors. But where are they? How else can the fumbling around the Dutch approach to the corona crisis be explained ? Where are the "great" initiatives?

The crocuses have guts, they are already showing their tops above ground level. With a frost period to come, that is quite brave.






You don't have to be a psychologist to be able to judge for yourself how you can organize your life. From education and experience you know for sure what is good for you and for your loved ones. Nevertheless, it is useful to check the principles of Labkovskiy from time to time. He wrote down six rules for a happier and healthier life:

  • Do only what you want.
  • Don't do what you don't want to do.
  • Don't keep silent if you don't like something.
  • Don't answer if you're not asked
  • Answer only questions.
  • Speak only about yourself while arguing.





On one of our many long walks through Moscow we visited a homey cafe based on a concept we had not seen before in western Europe. You pay for the time you spend in this establishment.

Upon entering, there are dozens of numbered old alarm clocks on a buffet. You write the number of the alarm clock you have chosen and the time of entry into the guestbook. And then you can spend your time as you want, and you make your own coffee or tea, or you heat up a meal. There are always tasty cookies available. You pay a small amount per hour, up to 4 hours even if you spend the whole day there.

We have already experienced this soothingly. Complete silence in the middle of a city that is moving 24/24, traffic included. The young people present almost always speak English, and a conversation about interesting things is then easy to start. We had a pleasant chat with the manager, and with a friendly young man from Turkey too.

At the moment - February 2, 2021 - it is unthinkable in the Netherlands to visit a cafe or a restaurant as a result of the COVID-19 measures. But oh oh, how nice it would be to be able to go to Ziferblat in Moscow or St. Petersburg again !

Ziferblat Kuznetsky Most


Russian restaurants




Later it gets better. But it is strange to know that many will not see the flowers bloom.



Silence is the most powerful voice.




Heaven rewards diligent people.



Zandpad 36

Again a part of the village is lost.



relationship during corona

What else ? Thank you very much !

2020-12-30 / arrival 2021-01-28


Thanks for the dance / Cohen

Not afraid of thunderstorms in life. Thnx.



The hill we climb ...

The hill we climb. Superbe.




It never has been so dark. Ede Staal.




Christmas is long over. But there are still many Christmas trees covered by snow. Trees with surprises. These surprises will soon appear when the temperature (Moscow) goes from -20C to + 5C.

Do these surprises foreshadow the ultimate victory of a proven condition? Yes, you can count yourself lucky when you find yourself in the situation where you are apparently healthy. That is not the case for many.

In the meantime we keep courage.

Celine Dion / YouTube

2021-01-19 picture by ID / 2021-01-19 16:45 Moscow time



We will wait for it ...

There is an enormous hectic around us ... -20C around the house in Russia ... a little snow and tulips that want to go outside around the house in the Netherlands ... a far too slow start of the anti-covid vaccinations ... a slippery road towards the water sales point in Russia ... too many people together in a supermarket in Brielle ... a center of democracy that has turned into a fortress ... an ultra-modern metro with too many commuters packed together ...

Yesterday we were crazy about happiness. And today ? Yesterday we just got on a plane to and from Moscow. And today ? Yesterday we could make a future. And today ? Yesterday we were able to mingle with the visitors of a service in Sretenski. And today ? Yesterday only cancer was life-threatening. And today ? Yesterday there in hospital was still an opportunity for being scheduled for a relatively simple procedure. And now ? Yesterday we were still busy with work. And today ? Yesterday the tulips knew nothing about the present time. And today ?

We will wait for it … there is no any other option ..

Sign of Hope / Youtube




I was there regularly ... even during heavy storms .. it was sometimes haunted ... In my imagination I saw the raging sea on the left side of this dike, I saw the farmers strengthen their joint dike with the limited resources available. I saw their grain drown in the salt water.

There is now no question of any threat from the side of the sea. The polder is protected by a sturdy sea dike all around and by the Haringvlietdam and Grevelingendam respectively. It is a dike mainly used by farmers. And by a lonely cyclist.

The trees are waiting patiently now, they are waiting for the coming higher temperatures. The green leaf automatically reappears in the spring, the leaves that consume our excess CO2, and return O2 to the environment in return.

Rows of trees on dikes are not only useful elements of the environment, they are - in my opinion - also beautiful designers of the cultural landscape. They determine my flat landscape. And when the time is right, they also yield wood. Wood for furniture, clogs, warmth. The value of trees.

It was nice to be here on 01 02 2021. The regularity of nature, the ever-present trees, it gives peace.

Stellendam NL / 2021 01 14



Meanwhile ...

A retarded youngster received a free portion of fries with mayonnaise at a french-fries shop in Tholen ...

Also in the Russian winter, "company guard dogs" were fed every day at a company in Moscow ...

Was fresh pea soup distributed in Hellevoetsluis ...

Was a microwave oven moved to a person in need in South Holland …

Was there a powerful @ from the province of Groningen ...

In the village I live in, a tired nurse went on the night shift again on behalf of covid patients ...

In the village I saw a young miller in loneliness turning the mill around in order not to miss out on the subsidy for the building ...

I was pleasantly surprised with beautiful music from Oosterland ...

My eyes saw encouraging new creations from a tiny house in Brielle ...

I received a stunningly beautiful video from an 80+ lady from Tver ...

Was there a bag with groceries in front of someone who needs it ...

There were in a distant country many brave people who defended their democracy ...

I read encouraging messages from Germany ...

I again was invited for a brisk joint walk ...

There during the night was again a nice selection of breathtaking music from Sint-Philipsland ...

I saw all these people doing nice things…

In my eyes they all are Soldiers of Kindness !



All moments once are a past. But all moments have a memory.

The best moments have a date, the worst memories also have a date.

Today we commemorate Victor from Tallinn / Estonia. In our memory a fantastic father, uncle and brother. The memory includes the hard fight against an approaching end, but also the night train journey to his city.

Today a little bit of the new Light could be seen above the Oosterschelde. The first anniversary a new life elsewhere.

Oosterschelde / NL 2021-01-06



The numbers are terrifying. The suffering caused by COVID-19 cannot be described.

Are we going to hate fellow human beings who do not want to conform to the imposed measures ? Yes ! The impact in our own environment is undeniably great.

Are we going to accept that there are people who deny COVID-19 and its mutations ? No! We are going to make them responsible !

Are we going to accept the ignorance ? No! In 2021 there is fast internet, in 2021 stagecoaches and walking messengers are no longer present !

Promise… yes, there has been a promise for 2000+ years… the Light is coming back…

Or a new Flood after all ?

Haringvliet / NL 2021-01-03



Who can say where the road goes
Where the day flows, only time
And who can say if your love grows
As your heart chose, only time.

Who can say when the roads meet
That love might be in your heart,

Only time.

Picture was rewarded by nothingisordinary_ / Instagram

Oude Dijk / Stellendam 2021-01-02



The clock is ticking mercilessly. There is no more time for disputes and misunderstandings. Many people have a fear of what is to come, or of what is going to fail.

Are we all going to get an anti-covid-vaccination in the short term? Will we travel again in the coming year to Moscow / Normandy / Nieuwenhoorn / Paris / Sint-Philipsland / Tver / Oosterland / Kolomna / Schildwolde…? Are we going to stay healthy?

What is hidden for you in the balls in the Christmas tree? …. Time will tell ! "Only time" ...

We prefer the positive approach ... nothing is impossible !


NY 2021.pdf  2021-01-01