" the world is a village "


frozen happiness ...

frozen happiness ...

some idiots started a war February 24th 2022 ... it now means a frozen:

life of many innocent people

future of the many young ones

hope for the good of life

meeting of lovers

cosy warm home for the many

return of fallen warriors


mykola ysenko / music

mykhailo starytsky / lyrics

2022 04 02



white is light

white is the light of






what else to say in times of despair ?

gary walker / memory takes my hand

2022 03 13


SUNFLOWERS ... for a reason ... REPORT ... Thanks to Global National / Canada

" Everybody has to fight to be free, you see " ( Dylan )

you ...

innocent child

fine grandmother

working mom

laid opponent

great farmer

refugee worker

captured opponent

defending father

innocent dog

killed person

crying grandfather

you all are not to blame

we ...

all know that only one is to blame and he knows that he is to blame

all know that he's lying and he knows that he's lying  

and he knows that we all know that he's lying

four words only ...

anxiety - anger - court - justice

bob dylan / refugee

bob dylan / lyrics

demi lovato / commander-in-chief

2022 03 07


Patti Smith - Power to the People

" Was it just something that arose over a plate of tomato soup ? "( Питер ).

" Vengeful aspects became suspect
And bending low as if to hear
And the armies ceased advancing
Because the people had their ear
And the shepherds and the soldiers
Lay beneath the stars
Exchanging visions
And laying arms
To waste in the dust

In the form of shining valleys
Where the pure air recognized
And my senses newly opened
I awakened to the cry ".

patti smith & u2 / power to the people

patti smith / lyrics

2022 03 04


Till the Sun comes back ...

" I'm weary of this world
And our wars that find no peace
While we all search for something
To set our minds at ease

Some say the end is near
They might be wrong they might be right
But I'm tired of all this darkness
While we're waiting for the light

And we'll sing till the sun comes

Sing till the sun comes
Sing till the sun comes back".

stu larsen / till the sun comes back

stu larsen / lyrics

2022 03 03



This day ...

A day colored by the blackest black ...

"But what might save us, me and you, is if the Russians love their children too" ...

sting / russians

sting / russians (lyrics)

2022 02 24


Anti-War Movement

The news:

Talks without any understanding of each other

Different cultures, different languages, different moods

The elder ones:

Is there a war to come, again ?

Enough so far, w’re sick of these stupid actions !

The young ones:

It’s our world, can we have a future, pls ?

Can our leaders take care of it, pls ?

Fair play:

WarmPlay with guns or ColdPlay with music ?

We prefer the second one


Slow it down

Slow it down
Through chaos as it swirls
It's us against the world

Through chaos as it swirls
It's us against the world


2022 02 15


our tank ... at home ...wodka squadra tank

From both East and West we are ... with mutual understanding, with enjoying the culture from both sides ... separated by covid-19 ... but will a new war bring in lasting borders ?

At reading the news we more and more are concerned about what will arrive next. Will we allow multiple thousands of victims ? Do we allow so-called leaders to stick with their egos? Or do they also listen to Spivakov's words?

spivakov / tired of wars 03:00

Can we leave the tanks in the vodka bottle? Or will we keep kids singing about the empty places?

wodka squadra tank

kolęda dla nieobecnych

2022 02 11


mustard ...

Mustard. Mustard seed. What a beautiful plant ! What a powerful plant !

Mustard was found in the wild and in gardens in the Land of Israel, especially black mustard (Sinapis nigra L.). The mustard seed of which the Lord Jesus spoke in the parable of Matt.13 probably is that of the black mustard. The mustard grain was the smallest among the seeds sown in the vegetable soil. They were the smallest of those of the useful plants.

Both the ancient Greeks and the Romans knew mustard. The mustard seed was often used in ancient times in medicine and in the preservation of food, the pickling of vegetables.

Jesus told to his audience a parable: “The kingdom of heaven is like a mustard seed, which a man took and planted in his field. 32 Though it is the smallest of all seeds, yet when it grows, it is the largest of garden plants and becomes a tree, so that the birds come and perch in its branches.” (Matthew 13:31,32).

Refined farming. The vegetables grower in those days was a farmer in miniature. Like our ancestors, the Warmoezeniers family ( VII-b ) perhaps? Isn't it wonderful to be able to dwell on such an apparently insignificant plant? ...

But back to now. Back to today. There are still endless fields of mustard. Especially in India and Russia. Sometimes in the Netherlands too. But besides that: have we planted mustard seeds? Have we taught our children the basics of an honest and upright life? Have we brought our closest people into contact with what really matters? Have we done justice to our relatives and neighbors? We have to take a look at ourselves…

Today… don't think too much! … we go for the music … we go for a powerful future … let there be music !

mustard christipedia

mustard brittannica

mustard son mieux

2022 01 23


s h o r t a g e ?

Stocks are slowly running out.

Gas. Trust. Courage. Energy. Housing. Everything is running out. The corona circumstances of the past two years are starting to have an impact. The threat of a war between west and east lives in many minds. The nitrogen policy is stifling.

Gas. Higher energy prices (gas and electricity) due to alleged shortages, and solidarity with the phasing out of gas production (= earthquakes). But why is so much of 'our' gas going abroad, especially to our eastern neighbors? Many families cannot pay the high bill for energy, not even with subsidies from the government. So this shortage is about a basic necessity of life, of heat, of energy to prepare meals. A lot of wood is already being burned. There is hardly any wood for sale in regions where there is already a scarcity of trees.

Trust. There is less and less confidence in 'how it will end', in 'whether or not there will be a war' between the west and the east. Are these impossible demands, impossible conditions imposed from any capital ? But on a smaller scale, in our own country: surely there is no longer any trust in people when people are asked to stay at home as much as possible, not to meet too much. There are far too many persons who don't take responsibility. And certainly: confidence in our governments is waning, due to the swab policy with regard to income, due to unclear policy regarding covid, due to an excessive tax burden, due to insufficient policy regarding the recruitment of healthcare personnel. And recently: no longer trust at all in producers and coaches of TV programs where young people want to show their art.

Courage. Who else has courage? Who still has the courage to work on a future? Who has the courage to hope for a better future? Who still has the courage to invest in fellow human beings? Don’t we all have become introverted by the pandemic?

Energy. Human energy. Energy to live. Energy to take on new things. An example: at the beginning of the pandemic we saw dozens of people walking. Walking to get some fresh air, walking to clear your mind. Never before have so many bicycles been sold. But now only the fanatic athletes are going to take their detours. Where are the initiatives at helping the neighbors at handling their struggles ?

Housing. Impossible long waiting times for young people who need their own place to live. Impossible high prices for a house to buy. Insufficient (better: none!) promotion options for the elderly who want to move to a smaller home. Impossible strict requirements for new construction in relation to the nitrogen issue.

today we even lost Paradise

we are in need of Changes

we need a mustard Seed

2022 01 21


Alcatel One Touch

two stories – with an interconnection…

wia die Zeit vergeht … one of our most beloved relatives perfectly spoke the Austrian dialect of the German language … we remember a rare conversation in the 1990s, a conversation from Austria with the Netherlands… a conversation with one of the first available mobile phones, a red Alcatel phone, with a flip cover, a phone nicknamed 'the fridge'…

wia die Zeit vergeht … one of the songs that describes in detail how time slips away, how we have to run fast to keep up with the present … Goisern … yes, in the Austrian dialect of the German language … yesterday has become today, and today is soon tomorrow … yes, a song once sung by Jens … wia die Zeit geght …

meanwhile we are several phones further… from the ultra-small Alcatel One Touch 310 to the Sony Ericsson Walkman W800, and then on to iPhone3 and many other iPhones finally to the iPhone 13… with ever better screens, with music storage, with finally moving images by a a connection to the Internet ... for our students it is an eye opener if you put all the telephones that have ever been used next to each other ...

wia die Zeit vergeht

und gestern is' heit word'n
und heit is' båld morg'n
huidiei jodleiri huidiridi

Jens, so weit, weit weg … von uns …

so far, far away … from us …

alcatel one touch

goisern / wia die zeit vergeht

2022 01 15



Was it just something that arose over a cup of coffee ? ( Cohen ).

No. It went something like this: there still is a wish to raise a puppy, to have a puppy around in this life. Too many dogs vanished from our lives, for reasons. Is it wise to raise a puppy while being at a certain age ? Yes it is cos there are many back-ups in case of any fatalities. So let’s go for it. For the sake of any stray puppy too. Masha was our preference.

A lot of barriers to go … vaccinations … rabies … chipping … covid-borders. But there was a trust in the ones handling this, in Russia. There was a sincere trusting all these involved Soldiers of Kindness.

Meanwhile closed borders for over nearly two years, and January 2022 serious political questions in between ‘west and east’ arose. But do dogs know that ? Are dogs aware of stupid discussions in between ‘west and east’ ?

In our opinion dogs are not aware of any political questions, they only are waiting for a warm home, food, kindness, sleeping near the warm stove, long walks and being able to defend the boss in case of an emergency.

Masha luckily is ‘Дома’ in Moscow meanwhile. No need to use the metro … No need to discuss about ‘west and east’ … Masha is dreaming about wise people managing the stupid words in between 'west and east' ...

masha at Insta

stray dog moscow metro

2022 01 14


fog chill mix

Born at the time of a heavy fog, in the early morning. The news was spread via the landline of the farmer in the vicinity. It wasn't until the next day that grandparents could witness the miracle of new life, even though the distance to be covered was only 6 kilometers. The Volkswagen Beetle type I transported the grandparents.

Hundreds of miles were covered every day in the early years of working life, and it was often foggy along the way. The view through the - already small - windows of the Citroën 2CV was very limited. It was never scary, it was a safe cocoon, with speeds of up to 90 km/h. Until the moment you get involved in an accident, with a deceased other driver next to you, near Gorinchem with then a level crossing in the A15.

Fog has always remained intriguing. A small world. It gives a kind of false security, after all you are not seen, and you do not see the other. With surprises within seconds. A suddenly looming oncoming vehicle. But also nice surprises. Like today on the island of Goeree-Overflakkee. The stillness of the landscape, captured in an image. It makes you small, it makes you silent.

science of fog

fog chill mix

2022 01 12


pождество ...

It’s snowing. A lot of snow covered Russian streets already. More snow is to come ...

Xmas in Russia. Pождество. All over the country this night people watch the service at the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour ( Храм Христа́ Спаси́теля ) … Russians worldwide are present by a live stream, each year. Mandarins are available, as precious expensive fruit in these days. Russian-Orthodox people on every spot worldwide celebrate рождество, the birth of Jesus.

We do believe in the good intention of people, from their birth on. Religions and languages should not divide us. Music, songs and celebrations do connect us, even without understanding the words.

russian xmas carols / barinoff

1tv-ru-live 20:00 GMT 23:00 Moscow

how to say 'merry xmas' in russian ?

2022 01 06


sagrada família / la vanguardia

What wonderful manifestations of human ingenuity! Sagrada Família!

Once again, a new piece has been added to a building reaching to Heaven, the Sagrada Família, a large unfinished basilica in Barcelona, designed by Gaudi, part of the UNESCO World Heritage. Can you imagine that this project started 1882 ? Day by day there is progress, depending on funds by the ordinary people. These months there was a stunning new light on one of the tops of the basilica, a light reaching to heaven.

To us this compares to the ‘sagradas’ of the Sretensky Monastery / Moscow, a very dedicated place in the inner City of Moscow where to common people gather, where they say their prayers, where they bring their worries.

ps sagradas = Spanish for ‘holy’

sagrada família / la vanguardia !

la Estrella de la Virgin María !

our sretensky movie ...

2022 01 04


the optimist ...

What beautiful people there were ! Like Tutu !

Bishop Tutu exchanged the earthly for the heavenly. A man of great significance for mutual relations in a torn South Africa. Desmond Tutu had a massive impact on the South African society cos at the time there occurred an Apartheid in SA ( a policy of segregation or discrimination on the grounds of race ) he decided to make a change in the African society so that all Africans in SA would have equal rights and wouldn’t be discriminated cos of the color of their skin.

tutu / joy and happiness

tutu / impact

apartheid / docu

2022 01 03


Suess-Torp - Solidarität

Yes, a two-year period with various restrictions due to possible contamination with covid-19 is difficult to fetch. Millions of Dutch people still stick to the rules. They mainly stay at home, they mainly work from home. In the meantime, their children cannot go to school or childcare for a long time. And thousands of entrepreneurs have been forced to close their businesses, perhaps permanently. Many thousands of young people and the elderly long for multiple visits, back and forth.

Recently there have been large protest rallies, mega-fireworks gatherings, tens of thousands of visitors to Antwerp, tens of thousands of people seeking out the snow of Austria. Is there still solidarity with the people who are waiting for a necessary operation ? Is there still solidarity with the young and old who long to receive a visit from 1+ person again? We leave other forms of solidarity to the imagination. Will there be a solution in 2022 ? Maybe more solidarity ? Empathy ?

suess-torp / solidarität

solidarity / animation

solidarity / concepts

2022 01 02