Clear View tractor 1938

The CLEAR VIEW tractor by Pacific Implement Corporation.

UNDER CONSTRUCTION as waiting for information by friends / collectors / connaisseurs / ...


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CLEAR VIEW / your link ?

CLEAR VIEW / your link ?

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Clear View Tractor 1938

It has been impossible for us to obtain more information about the CLEAR VIEW Tractor tractor. Yes, we even can't copy any detail from the Internet. We prefer original information, from owners, from restorers, from connoisseurs. Do you want to share that with our website ?

Het is ons onmogelijk gebleken meer informatie over de CLEAR VIEW tractor te verkrijgen. Ja, we kunnen zelfs niets kopieëren van het Internet. We we geven de voorkeur aan originele informatie, van eigenaren, van restaurateurs, van kenners. Wilt u dat met onze website delen ?

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