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why tractors ?

Long ago my belated bros and I created one of world’s largest websites on farming. A restart now as my brother said “we do admire all the farmers in the world, cos ‘no farmers, no food !’" So this is a special thanks to all those farmers who in case of an emergency do / did an extra effort to produce healthy food at a reasonable price. Pls read the 'COOKIES-pdf' at the bottom of this page.



By exploring the Internet once in a while there are beautiful discoveries on tractors to be found. Farmers and companies which create sustainable solutions, sometimes stupid ones, sometimes great out of the blue. W’ll give them a platform to bring in the best tools and machinery for a sustainable farming. Let’s give it a try … find out what we discovered pls.


tractors and wartime ...

Yes, we are very much aware of wartime in Europe, again ... 2022, March 1st ... so there may be a severe delay in editing / showing new content ... the ordinary innocent people are not to blame for this ... keep the innocent adults and children in your thoughts please ...
Yes, today thousands op people are on the road towards freedom / shelter ... some of them by tractor, like in times of the war in the former Yugoslavia ... history repeats itself ... take care of all those displaced ( and deported / March 7th ) people begging for help, please ...