Frank Dell

As a teenager in the Achterhoek (Netherlands) I heard from my father short fragments of the story of Frank Dell. I hardly knew my father's role during this period of WW-2. And I was wondering if details could be found on the Internet ... That search eventually resulted in a very special contact.

A very personal report in Dutch.

In English to come.

Last update: phone call 2020-12-31 GMT 08:08

Yuri Gagarin

1961 ... " the Russians are on their way " ... that's what we were told as we were the age of ten ... " we have to hide from them, we have to buy extra rice / beans / matches " ...  1993 ... Thereafter 'The Russians are on their way' was a phrase to mention the upcoming birth of the twins only. One of the twins has been named after Yuri Gagarin for a personal reason, and for reason of the impact of the demise of the Berlin Wall. Anyway, Yuri Gagarin was the first man in space, no doubt. His flight, on April 12, 1961. Following the flight, Gagarin became a cultural hero in the Soviet Union.

Alice Herz-Sommer

To me this lady is an absolute hero. I visited the Theresienstadt Camp without awareness of the story of this lady. And yes, my days always start with her music. She survived Terezin in Czech Republic.

" We had to play because the Red Cross came three times a year. The Germans wanted to show its representatives that the situation of the Jews in Theresienstadt was good. Whenever I knew that I had a concert, I was happy. Music is magic. We performed in the council hall before an audience of 150 old, hopeless, sick and hungry people. They lived for the music. It was like food to them. If they hadn't come [to hear us], they would have died long before. As we would have."

This is what hits me ... each day ... this power ...

Meanwhile ages ago ... 2014 this lady passed the rainbow. There is in an interview created year 2009 at YouTube.

Oskar Schindler

"Not all Germans are bad. When you find out in a moment how many people were killed in Auschwitz, you should not be revengeful towards all Germans. Not everyone is guilty. "

Thousands of texts have been written about him. We have selected this text. My generation got to know him through the portrayal of Liam Neeson in the movie Schindler's List, the story of courage.

Viktor Tsoj

Every Russian living from the USSR era knows the music of Viktor Tsoj. He was systematically opposed by the authorities and was thus unknown to the mainstream public. Only when Gorbachev took office it did change. The song Перемен / Peremen! (Change!) had a big effect on the young people across the country and made his band Kino known all over the country. Viktor did not experience the transition to today's Russia due to an accident. From the youth of my partner. Still nice to listen to today.

Viktor Tjoi / Wiki

Elke nog levende Rus uit de USSR-tijd kent de muziek van Viktor Tsoj. Hij werd door de autoriteiten systematisch tegengewerkt en was dus onbekend bij het grote mainstream publiek. Pas bij het aantreden van Gorbatsjov veranderde het. Het lied Перемен/Peremen! ( Verandering! ) had een groot effect op de jonge mensen in het hele land en maakte zijn band Kino tot in alle uithoeken van het land bekend. Uit de jeugdige jaren van mijn partner. Vandaag de dag nog steeds fijn om naar te luisteren.



Jens, that is what my brother was called and recognized in his last years by his many friends ... yet often reviled and unloved ... not understood also, but understood by his youngest 3 children ... by me too ... nevertheless he fought his battle together with his Beloved Ones and against the Impossible Injustice… a picture of our hunt for old tractors...


Jens, zo werd mijn broer genoemd en erkend in zijn laatste jaren door zijn vele vrienden … tóch vaak verguisd en onbemind … niet begrepen ook, maar wel begrepen door zijn jongste 3 kinderen ... door mij ook ... desondanks streed hij zijn strijd samen met zijn Geliefden en tegen het Onmogelijke Onrecht … een foto van onze jacht naar oude tractoren ...

Vasilyi Jakolev

Our beloved granddad Vasilyi lived 1908-1989. He was on USSR military service during WW2, like granddad Ivan Lavrentev. His family was expelled from Riga. His main front line after that was at the battle of Stalingrad.

Ivan Lavrentev

Our beloved granddad Ivan Dmitrievich reached the age of 32 yrs only, he died on his birthday 1942 while on duty. He was on USSR military service during WW2, like granddad Vasilyi Jakolev. Honored posthumously with the Order of Patriotic War II. Was married to Klaudia Georgievna.

Viktor Lavrentev

Our beloved father, our friend, our doctor, has June 8th 2020 passed the rainbow. Such a great loss. Such a nice person, such a great father, such a fabulous doctor who was there until the last day for his patients. Married to our mom Galina Jakolev. Rest in peace dear father, dear friend, dear doctor.

Leonard Cohen

Official Website of Leonard Cohen

The base of my music. Blues. French chansons. Flemish texts. The ballads. But then I eventually come back to Leonard Cohen. For decades I have attended his concerts. What attracts me to him? His songs from his depressions, his endless tendency to self-analysis, his incomparable lyrics, his powerful dark voice, his sensitivity to worldly temptations, his Jewish origin.

I handed over his first edition of "Beautiful Losers" to a graduate student, like I presented before my first sample of the LP 'Songs of Love and Hate' to another student who deserved it.

One of his superb texts, as I first heard at a concert in Antwerp,long ago:

"May you be surrounded by family and friends all your life but if this isn't your lot, may the blessings find you in your solitude."

Thanks for the Dance !

my favorite ... LIKE A BIRD / 2009

the one and only COVER / 1980