P L A C E S...



град Москов ... A crazy city by its power and beautiness, by its culture and history ... one of our two bases from where we live and explore.

"Moscow is a crazy city" ( Peter d'Hamecourt ) ... what else to say ?

To us it it's a safe area, with so much to be explored yet,

One of our experiences by a movie.


Los colores de guanajuato

A village north-northwest of the city San Miguel de Allende / Mexico. There was an opportunity to be a researcher in the team of Prof Dr Oscar Carranza–Castañeda on Mexican Megafauna two times. Oscar: "you will come back because you want to suffer". Oh yes, hot deserts while at work. At free moments: visits local cultural events, met the lady of Words and Images, and first time heard the song 'Mariposa Traicionera'. All in one: a lifetime lasting experience which I am grateful for still.


Lavande de France

The search for the fields with lavender in the southern part of France. We found those pretty fields: what beauties, what smells ! However, no door in between bathroom and living room, it was quite an experience. Nearby villages like Die presented their Roman influences by structures.



For many decades: the place to be. It is a specific place on the beach of the Brouwersdam, the place where all the children were, the place where someone ate a kilo of cherries, where we were looking for sea sparks well after midnight in June 2020, where we braved the heaviest storms.



Once in a lifetime ? Meeting the European part of Russia at visiting the city of Санкт-Петербург is a stunning event let alone the great Hermitage. Next to that such special cathedrals, the Nevsky Prospect, many links to the Netherlands, the many musicians and book shops. And people with a smile. Potatoes grandmother's style at Nevski. A second visit for a next impression worth.



By being a partner of eTwinning there 2010 was an opportunity to meet several like-minded European teachers ... there was an opportunity to meet Seville and enter its old palaces ... there was an opportunity to play joint music ... there was an opportunity to sit at the a famous palace's table with Anne Gilleran ...



Year 2015. A very exceptional opportunity to visit this town; a nightly taxi ride from Anton, to the snow-covered town, known for the skating rink used by many foreign skaters. We visited the most important cathedral , churches and other monuments, we ate Russian dishes, we slept at the 40th Meridian Arbat Hotel at the river, and returned to Moscow by train.



Such a lovely place to be ,.. such nice people at Schafflhof ... Meeting Mr Hans at harvesting ...The severe thunderstorm at night ... Never to forget the goodbye - from another farm - with presenting a fresh baked bread for the road home ... Meanwhile met two very specific tractors, an Eicher and the very extraordinary Warchalowski ...


A beacon for 900+ years, a shelter for the faithful for many centuries ... the church at Marsum in Groningen ... around the time of construction, the crusaders under Louis IX and the Knights Templar were defeated after an attack on Cairo ... 2050 the church in Marsum is there for 900+ years… quiet but steadfast… still a beacon ?



The Upper Trading Rows were deliberately created as a symbol of the New Moscow. They were built in the traditional Moscow market place featuring endless shops of various sizes and ranks. The Upper Trading Rows were opened on December 2nd 1893. Exceptional for Moscow and Russia project became the largest passage in Europe at the time. Every Moscoviet has visited it several times, and always do eat an 'eskimo'.