By exploring the Internet once in a while there are beautiful discoveries on tractors to be found. Farmers and companies which create sustainable solutions, sometimes stupid ones, sometimes great out of the blue. W’ll give them a platform to bring in the best tools and machinery for a sustainable farming. Let’s give it a try … find out beneath what we discovered.

why tractors ?

Long ago my belated bros and me created one of world’s largest websites on farming. A restart now as my brother said “we do admire all the farmers in the world, cos ‘no farmers, no food !’" So this is a special thanks to all those farmers who in case of an emergency do / did an extra effort to produce healthy food at a reasonable price. Beneath a selection from the past.


In a way the tractor was a great novel to farming. Years 1900+ several tractors were invented all around the world in order to replace the work as done by animals and humans for ages. Russian tractors hardly were paid attention too, so by now w’ll give it a try. The kind and many of information beneath will depend on the steady existence of websites abroad.

Not decided yet

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