tractors and wartime ...

Yes, we are very much aware of wartime in Europe, again ... 2022, March 1st ... so there may be a severe delay in editing / showing new content ... the ordinary innocent people are not to blame for this ... keep the innocent adults and children in your thoughts please ...
Yes, today thousands op people are on the road towards freedom / shelter ... some of them by tractor, like in times of the war in the former Yugoslavia ... history repeats itself ... take care of all those displaced ( and deported / 2022, March 7th ) people begging for help, please ...


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yes, we considered taking a break from updating tractor data from Russia and Belarus during the Russo-Ukrainian war ... but, we didn't take a break because it won't change the world, and besides that, the farmers (with their tractors ) are no part in this war ... yes, let the farmers in every place in the world continue to produce their food, with whatever tractor ...

long ago

long ago, at about the start of the internet, we ( jens & peter ) created a fine website named ... with sometimes 200,000+ visitors per year ... a copy of that website was performed by ... some years after the passing away of jens we restarted our website by the name of ... still it is great fun to create a great collection ... agree ? and still we have no commercial intentions … agree ?

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2023 01 23

FARMERS Weekly - How tractors helped to win the war

a link to a very fine article on 'tractors in wartime' by FARMERS Weekly

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2023 01 24

Farm Collection / Jo Roberts

a link to an article which is to be read by all tractor-friends and admirers of the farmland by Farm Collection

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2023 01 24

ever seen these stamps ?

KOREA 1959


First tractor from BULGARIA

CHINA 1960

Canada Cockshutt

Birma / Myanmar

2023 01 24