WESSELERWESSELER WL 15 yr 1961 ( bluepotatoes.nl )

Wesseler was a German company from Altenberge that manufactured, repaired and sold agricultural machines. During the agricultural industrialisation in Germany after WW2 it became a major tractor company in NRW. Between 1936 and 1966 Wesseler produced approximately 3600 tractors.

The Wesseler tractors sold in the Netherlands and Belgium were named FELDMEISTER and VEWEMA.

WESSELER WL 15 yr 1961 (bluepotatoes.nl)
WESSELER WL 15 yr 1961 (bluepotatoes.nl)
WESSELER / FELDMEISTER yr 1959 (bluepotatoes.nl)

FELDMEISTER yr 1959 (bluepotatoes.nl)

VEWEMA (bluepotatoes.nl)